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Perfectly Seasoned Firewood

Monson, Ma.

Family Owned For 2 Generations!


Our Story Begins In The East...


Close to 50 years ago, Richard T. Smart started a small, part time firewood business. Using a Farmall tractor, a homemade trailer & saw rig, Richard and his two boys sold cords of wood to nearby family and friends. To his surprise, the wood business grew quickly becoming one of the most trusted firewood companies in Monson & the Pioneer Valley.  R.T. Smart is now fully automated with a state of the art firewood processor that has replaced the old saw rig. His son Darryl continues in the tradition of providing reliable service and high quality woods to customers throughout the Springfield area.


When the

temperature drops,

Heat your home

the SMART way!

Perfectly Seasoned Firewood!

Get More Burn For Your Buck!

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